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Free GB CJ - Powerfull Traffic Exchange Script

GB CJ - traffic trade script
GB CJ is the system for control of the traffic on your site. Script uses the most modern technologies for traffic exchange with other sites. The system provides traffic exchange by blind links, direct links, pop-ups, creates full-function toplists on your page and contains link's rotator.

Script uses unique algorithms for analysis the quality of the traffic coming from other sites (including the analysis of friendliness of the visitors, payment ability, their languages, uniqueness of the traffic and much more) and distributes your traffic on these sites and pay sites by the most optimum way. The system generates detailed hourly and daily stats for each site. GB CJ can process up to 400 thousands hits/day.

Skilful using of the script guarantees avalanche growth of your site popularity. Over 300 high ranked sites uses GB CJ. The largest sites generates up to 100 000 hits per day. Summary traffic of all sites with our script is 2 millions/day.

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Free GB Top-Directory


Top-Directory 5.5.
Top-Directory 5.2 - new wap form, lowered server loading.
Top-Directory 5.1.
GB CJ 3.3 - JavaScript protection.
Top-Directory 5.0 - JavaScript protection added.
Top-Directory 4.9 - new anticheat functions.
GB CJ 3.2.
GB Top-Directory script
  • Written in PHP without using MySQL and very quick
  • Easily sets up and running in minute
  • Autogeneration of SE-optimized categories pages - forget about manual html-editing
  • Intellectual anticheat algorithms - no chances to cheaters
  • Search-engine friendly listings for top members
  • Traffic filtering by country, browser language, proxy, robots etc
  • Detailed stats for each site
  • Directory functions with backlink & backwards checkers
  • Included CJ-functions
  • WAP
  • Quick upgrading from AutoRank Pro without traffic loss
  • Simple search script with integrated pay-per-click results can give you some cash (option)

GB Top-Directory project is closed. The script is not available for download.

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